Mississauga Valleys is a neighbourhood bordered by Cawthra Road, Dundas Street, Burnhamthorpe Road East and Hurontario Street.

About 10,000 people live here and it falls within the larger area known as Cooksville. The northeast corner blends into City Centre while the southeast corner harbours a few artifacts from old Dixie.

Perhaps 4 out of 10 people in this neighbourhood are renters, which is above average for the city as a whole.

The middle of the neighbourhood has Mississauga Valleys Park.


The earliest beginnings of what came to be Mississauga Valleys came shortly after World War II, as the farms along Cawthra Road were haphazardly subdivided and detached houses built on them. Not long after, the first few subdivisions behind those homes were built: parts of Mississauga Valley Boulevard, Hyacinthe Boulevard, Breckenridge Road, Yale Road, Vermouth Avenue. These differ from the new parts of the neighbourhood, featuring shallow bungalows on wider lots.

After Mississauga incorporated as a town, the rest of the concession block was quickly developed according to a master plan. the low-rise parts being completed by 1975 and the "commie block" apartments in the northeast into the 1980s.

Completely obliterated is the right-of-way of the Toronto Suburban Railway line to Guelph, which ran from 1917 to 1931. It roughly followed today's park paths leading from Lolita Gardens to Burnhamthorpe Road.

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