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2008-12-26 10:57:31   I don't know where this was taken. It does look like s silhouette of a Buddhist monk sitting with legs cross meditating though! —HimySyed

2009-04-13 10:43:06   The alphabets suggests maybe in front of a library?? or in front of arts centre or theatre?? —HimySyed

2009-08-06 22:12:14   Mississauga Road —AlanForde

2009-08-27 12:18:50   Erin Mills Parkway - South of Dundas ?? —AlanForde

2009-10-25 10:41:40   back of the fire station on Lushes Avenue (road?)? —AlanForde

2009-12-09 21:58:00   the Valleys arena, south side, tich east. —AlanForde

2010-03-04 12:26:07   My Guess is Huron Park Commmunity Centre (Near Mavis & Paisley)?? Vaguely remember seeing something like this there. —bobabe

2010-05-01 20:03:54   Front Street facing north from Lakeshore Road? —VictorBielawski

2010-05-09 08:50:35   One of the QEW service roads west of Cawthra, methinks. Not sure of the exact location. —VictorBielawski

2010-05-16 12:12:34   I'll say North Service Road opposite Aiyn Court. —VictorBielawski

2010-05-21 10:47:01   Mississauga's only ghost bike, as far as I'm aware, at Bloor Street East and Riverspray Crescent. —VictorBielawski

2010-08-28 14:33:56   If I'm not mistaken it's the Elliott House restaurant on Kennedy Road north of Matheson BoulevardVictorBielawski

2010-08-30 10:18:42   "The Great Staircase" at City HallVictorBielawski

2011-04-17 11:57:43   This looks like the Mississauga Road underpass in Port CreditVictorBielawski

2011-06-27 12:55:07   New crosswalk at Duke of York and City Centre —VictorBielawski

2011-07-27 12:58:48   I could be completely wrong, but this looks kind of like the boardwalk at Riverwood leading to the Culham Trail. —VictorBielawski

2011-08-09 09:41:22   in front of Mario's BBQ Grill & Takeout,90 Dundas Street East —CharronLeBuis

2011-08-30 13:37:55   Courtyard at City Gate? —VictorBielawski

2011-12-29 16:11:32   Looks like the Cancer Survivors Park at Credit Valley Hospital —VictorBielawski

2012-01-27 09:21:47   Pearson International Airport Skytrain —PaulCarriere

2012-03-06 08:53:49   Archway on Square One Drive, between Chicago and Limelight condos —VictorBielawski

2012-04-20 13:03:21   Mississauga Road north of Eglinton maybe? —VictorBielawski

2012-04-30 14:00:14   Stanford Farm ruins, converted into a park —VictorBielawski

2012-07-31 14:02:28   Gymnastics Mississauga equipment at the Hershey Centre? —VictorBielawski

2012-08-06 17:16:55   Looks like the daycare at Cawthra/Dundas (forgot the actual name) —VictorBielawski

2012-10-09 15:32:44   Bench in Sheridan College hallway? —VictorBielawski

2012-11-09 17:49:37   New cafe in city hall —ChrisHorobin

2012-11-17 09:16:03   New garden terrace at Riverwood maybe? —VictorBielawski