Older News items which used to be on the Front Page are/will be Archived here.

2013-11-13:  Our first Wiki Wednesday meet up will be on Nov 13, 2013 at 7:30 pm 2nd Floor at the Central Library

2013-09-05: Almost all of the City's Neighbourhoods have been mapped!

2013-08-29: WikiSauga has moved over to a new more user friendly platform, now it's even easier to edit the city.

2013-04-12: WikiSauga is 6 years old!

2013-03-15: Sawmill Creek is the 4000th page created on WikiSauga!

2013-02-25: WikiSauga.ca and other sites on our server experienced many hours of downtime today. Things should be back to normal now. Technical details here.

2012-04-12: WikiSauga is 5 years old!

2011-12-20: On Twitter? Follow @Wikisauga on Twitter!

2011-04-12: WikiSauga is 4 years old!

2011-03-21: 7 Elmwood Ave S is the 3000th page created on WikiSauga!

2010-04-15: Wikisauga is 3 years old!

2009-04-12: Wikisauga is 2 years old!

2009-04-03: Wikisauga hits 2,000 pages with the creation of Larry Patey a member of Mississauga's Sport Hall of Fame.

2008-12-20: Wikisauga reaches 1,500 pages as Lucky Brand Jeans at Square One Shopping Centre is created.

2008-10-11: Brentwood Park is the 1,000th page created on Wikisauga!

2008-05-13: Wikisauga migrates to Canada's top level .CA domain, the new official domain name for our city wiki is http://www.Wikisauga.CA . Enjoy.

2008-04-23: 500th page created today! Check it out! - Bus Stop Number 2268

2008-04-13: Wikisauga is 1 year old!!!!

2007-06-25: Wikisauga has its 100th page created!

2007-04-12: Wikisauga, The People's Guide to Mississauga, a city wiki is born!