R & W Autobody & Paint Repair

Owner: Rafael Gurrola 
2235-J Old Middlefield Way, Mt. View 

I recently had a fender bender fixed by them. I told them no insurance, so I was price sensitive. They did a great job, for very few $$s. 
I was really pleased with the results. I saw them doing hi-end stuff as well. My usual mechanic, Automan, recommended them to me.

Diablo Ave 
posted 11-19-2009

I had two jobs done by Rafael's guys. One was done 3 years ago and the paint job still looks new. They recently repainted my side mirrors which were cracked and fading, and did a nice job on that. When I need fast turn-around they are also very accomodating.

corner of hamilton and parker 
aug 1, 2010

Custom Paint Finish

i recently had my van repaired at a place called "Custom Paint 
Finish". I was very pleased and wanted to pass along a favorable 
recommendation. I was so happy when i went to pick up my van. We 
bought it used and it actually looked better than when we first 
purchased it! I highly recommend them.

Custom Paint Finish

1849 Grant Street

Santa Clara, CA 95050-3985

(408) 727-1817

Good Luck!

Debbie on Palmer 
posted 12-3-05

Auto Bahn

Hello neighbors: I had need of a body shop just recently and went to Auto Bahn off El Camino near Grant.

I want to recommend them because their service was outstanding. The owner, Peter Joslin, was very helpful and even took the time and trouble to make sure that Enterprise Rent a Car did in fact apply the insurance rental rate to which I am entitled ( one of their smart guy salesmen was trying otherwise ... ) but the Enterprise manager was extremely cooperative after Peter called them. 
I had work done by Auto Bahn in years past and I had also been happy with the results. Their phone number is 650- 966-1840. Ask for Peter. 
The web site is: www.autobahnbodyandpaint.com. The location is a little tricky, so make sure that you get good directions. They are behind the BMW dealer, passed 237/Grant Rrd. on the left side of El Camino coming form MLN. It is necessary to go make a U-turn, and then get toYuba drive, they are at 778, towards the end. 
A very good shop to know about. Feel free to mention my name. 
Regards to all, 
Vera on Jane Lane


From Dotty:

Independence Auto Body on Independence between West Middlefield and Old Middlefield. I have had only good experiences with them over the last 20 years. They do great work, are ethical, and go out of their way to be helpful. 
+1 on Independence Auto Body - I was recommended by another neighbor and very happy with their service 
Jo on Alvin / July 2014

From Harry:

VIKING MOTOR BODY CO., INC. AT 2904 Ash Street in Palo Alto has treated us well over the years. We haven't had any extensive damage; but for "dings" and parking lot crunches, they have been very reasonable; and they do good work. They're nice guys, too.

From John:

I had good luck with Magussen’s Auto Body on Old Middlefield and Independence. I also had good luck with Park Avenue Motors on Park Avenue in Palo Alto.

From S.R.:

There's a place in mountain view near central/castro I've used a couple of times that did a really great job. I absolutely cannot remember the name, but if you're on castro street and head across the train tracks and central, it's about a half a block down on the right side [C & C Body at 243 Moffett Blvd, Mountain View]. In one instance, one of my cars had one of those giant trees on san antonio fall on it (while I was driving), and literally every single part of the body was damaged in some way (it was only a few hundred $ shy of being officially totalled) - they made it look like new.