Entries by Carolyn Siegel on 7/15/05

1. I suggest you give Ralph King a call. Here is his website: [WWW]http://www.ralphkingfurniture.com/ Although I have yet to have cabinets made by him, and cannot speak to the quality of his work, I'm sure he has done work that could be inspected. I can speak to his character however, which I find is often just as important as top quality work. He is a client of mine at my pro bicycle shop and I have had numerous business dealings with him. He is accountable, friendly, thoughtful and reliable. I would not hesitate to use him for any project of mine.

2. We just finished a special order for kitchen cabinets with Lowe's and are very pleased with the results. I'm pretty sure you can custom order bathroom cabinets with them as well. Might be a place to start, anyway... We also went to a place called Questco cabinets in Redwood City while we were looking. I think they did bathrooms as well as kitchens. We liked them, but found their prices to be too high.

3. We have used Diamond Cabinets, located in the strip row of factory-type shops behind Bruce Bauer Lumber, San Antonio Circle, next to the Caltrain tracks. I forget the owner's name, but he was very friendly and reliable.

4. We just finished a bathroom remodel and were very happy with the custom cabinet we installed by San Antonio Cabinets. They are a small business located close by on San Antonio. They share a parking lot with the CrossRoads Market. They were professional, easy to work with and provided a great quality product at a fair price. I would definitely use them again!

San Antonio Cabinets 
716 San Antonio Road #H 
Palo Alto, CA 94303 


    [email protected]