Camera Suggestions Summary by Pat Jordan

Compiled 9/16/08:

I asked for suggestions for a good digital camera that was easy to use and had a wide-angle lens feature. I wanted one which was point and click (not one with extra parts you have to attach). Here were my responses: 

Olympus 1030SW: Has button for wide angle and one for telephoto. Waterproof to 30' under water. Freeze proof and shock proof. Paid $320 through Amazon.

Canon Power Shot SD870IS; fast lens f2.8. "Anything above 8 megapixels is of little use to us and does take more storage and longer download".

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35 (or FX-37 newer one): Has wide angle and 4X optical zoom. "Pics are a bit noisy when not enough light, but that's the way it is with point and shoot cameras"

And from a non-Monta Loma friend, but very good info: Olympus SP-570UZ - 10 MP and 20X zoom with wide angle and macro setting (close up). @ $424 includes 2 gb XD card for the camera.