Copy Source

At 2455 #D on Old Middlefield Way (between the split and Independence) is close enough for me to walk to. Open M/F 9 to 5; 968-6351. Marilyn G. 11/16/07

Goodco Press

Goodco Press is on Old Middlefield just after the split a building down from PYT. Their service is great and prices are better than OfficeMax and Kinko's. They can also copy 12x12 color copies of scrapbook pages. Goodco is a print shop and offer those services as well as straight copies. 
Leane Reelfs 9/24/05

Responses to Debbie Palmer on 9-23-05

1. The office place over where COSTCO is makes copies.

2. For quick copies, Rite Aid has a good machine.

3. If I go to the library, I make copies there. Los Altos Library is cheaper than MV Library.

4. I recently used Minuteman Press in the El Monte Center on El Camino - next to Long's Drugs. Copy quality in color and black/white was excellent. Color copy cheaper than Kinko. When ordering, ask about any extra charges for setup or paper. I got surprised. Kris and Sandi McDonough, phone 965-3600. Jim Cochran 11-28-05