R.M. (Ruben) Tan Electric (license 756754)

408-507-3386 (cell) - 408-244-0862 (home), [email protected]

Added 1/20/2012

I would like to second recommendation on Ruben below. We got our service panel replaced from 100 Amp to 200 Amp, integrated an existing sub panel which was not to code and added extra 20 Amp dedicated circuit drops in our bedrooms to enable adding a space heater or any high power device without redoing the existing circuits. He tested all plugs for grounding and replaced the 3 pin with 2 wherever there was no grounding.

We were extremely pleased with his work. He was very professional and responsive to our questions. He did a detailed analysis on the house before giving an estimate and there were no revisions as work progressed. Our scope involved running a pipe along the house to connect the ground to water main and he did a very nice job aesthetically given that there is no crawl space. 
He found some mess of wires when he opened to replace one of the plugs with GFCI and took the time to rewire and clean up to do it right. He advised us on PGE process and took care of permit process with city. Very meticulous and detail oriented. His work comes with 5 yr warranty and we plan to use him for all our future needs. He is very responsive via email as well which makes communication efficient.

Silpa @ Thompson

Added 7/21/2013 rob rodgers

Thirding; we used Ruben to add some GFCIs, map the circuit breaker, add two new circuits and run a bunch of cat5e under the house. There was a rush job for part of this which he did on a Saturday. Very good.

Pure Electric

Phone: 800-246-9998 

Web: [WWW]http://www.pure-electric.com/

Pure Electric added grounding to several of the outlets in our house. The first contractor who looked at the job offered to do it for much less money, with the caveat that it would involve damage to the walls and we would want to repaint. Pure Electric was a more expensive bid, but the work was done without any damage.

Added April 2011, by Brian Eaton

Wesley —Alley Electric Lic. # 873468

Phone: (510) 573-0427 
Web: www.alleyelectric.com 
BBB Accredited Business

We asked Wesley to install 4 ceiling fans in our Eichler - he did a great job and very professional. He was fast and efficient and I highly recommend him.

Jo on Alvin/Nov 2010

R.M. (Ruben) Tan Electric (license 756754)

Added 7/22/2007

408-507-3386 (cell) or 408-244-0862 (home)

Ruben replaced our 100amp service panel with a 200amp unit with complete professionalism and flexibility in June 2007. Included was both a primary and secondary ground for $1950. He did everything within one week (from initial contact to complete installation). His price was competitive (lower) with others. He had to spend a considerable amount of time under the house (...he installed an extra outlet) and did so without any complaints (he's a small guy with a strong work ethic). Additionally, he fit the new service panel within the existing wooden box (...other electricians would have removed the wooden box leaving just the metal service panel protuding from the wall). I would use Ruben again for any electrical work (NOTE: He especially likes changing out service panels). Posted by Bob at 259 Diablo

Called him up (cell above) based on Bob's posting for stupid problem, my fault, don't ask. Ruben was responsive, he called the next day to confirm appointment, he showed up on time, fixed problem. It's all good. Mike on Kenneth/Palo Alto


from 7-18-17 inquiry

Ray's Electric, 510-663-7279 ... He'll return your call.  510-289-3766 (cell) ... If you need him right away.  
Ray did nice jobs for us, both large and relatively small. D. on Benjamin

I love my electrician! His name is Ray and his phone number is 510-663-7279. He can be a little hard to understand at first, as he has a strong Chinese accent, but he is far and away the best electrician I've ever worked with. He was recommended to me by my real estate agent, who works with him often. The thing I like about Ray and his work is that he is meticulous about meeting and exceeding code; his work always passes inspection the first time. And he always does a little extra. For example, when I had him put in electrical outlets and a bigger light fixture in my garage, he went ahead and put in a plug on the ceiling in case I want to add an electric garage door opener later. From: Jen Wakefield (18 Sep 2005 20:13:47)

January 2013: Putting in a positive recommendation for Ray. He's done a couple of smaller jobs around our house and at our rental home. Friendly, quick, and reasonably priced, he's now my go-to for electrical work. —Alan and Erin on Anna Ave.

Aref Sultani

We used Aref Sultani to replace the electrical service to the house and rewire our kitchen. I would highly recommend him. He was fair and thorough, and even put a light in our baby's room free of charge. He took care of the permits and inspection with the city and he's fully licensed. His number is: (408) 371-5308 - Alison

We used Aref to replace our main electrical panel and add some circuits by running conduit over and through the roof. Overall I was satisfied, though I do have some minor issues with the work, primarily having to do with how he sealed some of the places where the conduit comes through the roof and some of the finishing in the interior of the house. That said, I would use him again. He was easy to work with and responsive. — Vince on Richard Court

Gray Electric - Chris Gray lic.#830847 mailto:[email protected] 408-309-0112

I used Chris Gray for two jobs this month: Installing a kitchen light hanging fixture and providing and installing a bathroom ventilator and switch.  Both jobs were done very well with no problems for me.  I recommend Gray Electric at the reference above.

Jim on Thaddeus 01-17-2020


from responses received 7-18-17 from the neighborhood:

Chris Gray of Gray Electric in San Jose, (408) 309-0112.  I hired Chris maybe two or three years ago to add power to my Eichler kitchen.  He ran a drop line from the telephone pole in my backyard and across my roof.  He also replaced my 1954 circuit box.  He was here three days and each morning arrived punctually.  The quality of his work is excellent. Dave on Emmonds Dr.

also today - Chris Gray of Gray Electric was and is wonderful. He's reasonable, pretty fast, completely reliable and goes above and beyond when small changes just plain old make sense.   He juts replaced our panel and has worked for the family for many years - never a complaint.  W.S. on Aldean

also today - Grey Electrical is still my go to!  (408) 309-0112  Alan on Alvin

and another today - Chris Gray, Gray Electrics..  Gene Mason used him, so I used him on his recommendation to install a ceiling fan in my bedroom and fix some funky electrical work in my garage.  Then I hired him back to do the electrical work on my gas fireplace insert.  He's excellent, won't do anything that's not needed, gives you options, if there are any, charges a reasonable rate, and comes when he says he'll be there - all rare qualities for a contractor.  He's your guy.  C.J. formerly Thompson

and yet another response - We use Chris Gray at Gray Electric (408) 309-0112.  He knows the Monta Loma neighborhood well, and has done a lot of electrical work for various homeowners here.  H.P. on Anna

and one last one from Silke - "He did several jobs for us, including work on an expansion, extending existing (old) wiring, wiring new things and swapping out the old panel with a permit.  We have always been very happy with his quality of work, communication and pricing. What he quotes you is generally what you pay - unless you change the plan."

We just bought a new oven/microwave which required upgrading the wiring in our Eichler kitchen. We used Chris Gray (Gray Electric) on recommendation from Sandy on Benjamin. Chris installed a dedicated 110 line for the microwave as required and pulled another dedicated line for future use at the same time. He also ran different 220 circuits for the oven and cooktop, also required by code. He corrected some deficiencies left over by the electricians that installed our new panel some years ago. Chris was very thorough and I expect to have him continue upgrading the rest of the kitchen wiring on the outside wall when we get to that. - Alan on Alvin

Chris came highly recommended to us by a friend several years ago. He's done a few small jobs for us and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again for our electrical needs. - Sheri on Anna Dec. 2008

Just had him do some work while I was getting the house reroofed - he did a very nice job, and I would recommend him again. Caeli on Lassen 9/13/2010

Recommendation For Chris Gray Electric (GMason on Thompson - review posted Aug 2013) 
I used Chris based on the comments posted here by ML neighbors, as he had completed many service upgrades and various electrical projects in our neighborhood. For my project, I hired Chris to upgrade my electrical service panel, install new electrical outlet circuits, and to install new bathroom exhaust fans, wired smoke detectors & new lighting circuits to my new roof. The work was done over the Summer/Fall 2012 as part of my complete re-roofing project.

Chris was timely, organized and methodical. Notably, of all the different trades that worked on my project, Chris was the ONLY contractor that did what he said he would do. Although Chris was obviously disappointed by a few hurdles that arose along the way, we worked through them in a satisfactory way. Chris appreciates knowing what you want in advance so that he hits the target on his first pass (ie make sure all activities are outlined in advance). If you have time and interest in doing the research, ask Chris to let you pick the control switches and timers (or to review his choices in advance), as you might prefer a different style/option than the units he is most familiar with. Chris is a solid electrician, thoroughly competent, courteous and a pleasant person to work with. A big positive point is that the MV City inspector is familiar with Chris and the quality of this work. The inspector, as well as the other trades working on my project, made very positive comments about the quality of the electrical work. You should definitely include Chris on your short list of electricians. [GMason]

Another recommendation for Chris Gray Electric  -  Chris changed out our main panel to a 200 amp panel, upgraded the sub-panel,  added a car charger in garage.  Pleasure to work with and does quality work.  (John and Judy, Thompson Avenue, April 2019)


Paul Smith cell: 650-465-8324

Paul has done a few small electrical jobs for me: new electrical outlets in the floor and wall. I've done a lot of electrical upgrades personally to this house and I am very happy with his work. He advertises as a general handyman but based on a recommendation I read on NextDoor MontaLoma his background is 10 years as an electrician. Reasonable rates, and he lives close also (Shoreline).

Bob on Diablo, Jan 2015

Serge Julia: +1 (415) 847-7185 - He's done excellent work for us over the years. He is the only contractor I've found to work on the house that we keep going back to.