Good Eggs

They offer grocery delivery but you can also use it as a service to delivery a gift like flowers or cake. Most of the things they sell are from smaller, local businesses in the Bay Area (like bakeries, cheese makers, local wine, jam producers, farmers, ect). A lot of the products are popular ones in San Francisco and/or Oakland and harder to find in the South Bay. I highly recommend the Josey Baker sourdough bread. 
Shannon on Mardell Way (April 2020)

Spoonful of Comfort

My son and daughter-in-law sent me a container of homemade soup from Spoonful of Comfort. Unfortunately, I wasn't here the day it arrived, so a neighbor took it in and held it for me until I returned 4 days later. My son said it didn't have to be refridgerated, so my neighbor didn't. When I got home and opened it, I realized that it had been packed with an ice pack, but it was no longer cold − it was at room temperature by that time. Turns out the soup should have been unpacked and refridgerated as soon as it arrived. So I called Spoonful of Comfort to see if it would still be safe to eat. They said not to eat it and offered to send out a new batch with 2-day shipping - free of charge!

The new batch arrived two days later still cold. I put it right into the fridge. They also included some dinner rolls and cookies, which weren't in the original order. That was way above and beyond the call of duty! In my opinion, their customer service is outstanding! If you know anyone who's sick and doesn't live nearby (or even if they do), this is a really great thing to send them instead of flowers or whatever else you might consider.

The Dessert Studio

I bought a cake from our neighbor, Debbie ([WWW], yesterday for my sweetheart's birthday, and he LOVED it! It was Scharffen Berger dark chocolate cake with Scharffen Berger dark chocolate frosting (not that he's a chocolate lover or anything!) with orange buttercream trim. It was completely awesome, and he said it was the best cake he's ever had, and he's had a lot! I've gotten Debbie's red velvet cupcakes a couple of times in the past for Valentine's Day and other occasions, and everyone has loved them. If you ever need a cake or other dessert for an occasion or just because, please consider something from The Dessert Studio. You won't be sorry!