Strictly Irrigation

  • Matt Rowe, Owner 

  • Phone 650.575.0362 

  • emailto:[email protected]

  • Excellent, innovative, & efficient work. 

  • Guarantees workmanship & parts (if installed new). 

  • Fair, reasonable prices, and a really nice guy.

Great Experience: In May 2005, he repaired & rearranged our irrigation system that previous owners had installed (which was inadequate on so many levels).

At the initial walkthru, I explained current situation (frustrations), desires, & future yard configuration plans. The system was adapted accordingly to easily accommodate modification.

The final walkthru included a timer operation tutorial, set-up of current program frequency/duration, system functionalality check (+ any last minute repairs), valve locations, & modification tips/instructions. He also pointed out areas to watch for potential flow concerns & what to do, since it was an adaptation of an existing system.

Recommended by Rachel Kohls-Lunt (mailto:[email protected]), originally referred by Elizabeth & Nana (mailto:[email protected]).

2nd recommendation by Tonya B, Mardell Way. We have used Matt several times over the past 3 years (2007 - 2010). He does an excellent job, is reasonably priced and really nice to work with.