Excellent and Efficient Home Organizer - Amber Kalpin 
Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your home? Would you like your spaces to be efficient, clean and clutter free? Are you feeling scattered about where to start with a move or dealing with the remnants of one? 
With the holidays coming up quickly there is still plenty of time to have a mindful and experienced lady help you achieve a well organized house and storage space. 
Her hourly rate is $40, which given how quickly and efficiently Amber can organize, is a great deal. You will be amazed at how much she can do in a little time!
Amber Kalpin has great experience as an organizer and can help you with all areas of your home including: 
*pack-up and move-in help 
*swapping out outgrown/out of season kids' clothes 
*taming toys: she can devise a sorting/basket system for you that is easy to maintain and she can help you pare down and organize the sheer amount of toys. 
*home office solutions; sorting and filing 
*pantry/kitchen/drawer organizing 
*garage clutter can become organized and free up additional storage space 
*closet control - she can help you decide what works, what and where to donate or sell, and how to keep it all from bursting out at the seams 
*attic & basement storage and so much more! 
If you want someone to work alongside you, or if you just want someone to do the cleaning and organizing for you, please contact Amber directly on her cell at 408-482-0403 or at [email protected] 
If you have a fixed budget for an organizer, Amber will make sure that you stick to your budget while ensuring that you get the most value for your money with her services. She will also help you periodically with maintenance. Set up a free initial consultation with Amber so that you can prioritize your needs and soon you'll have an organized, supportive home in time for the holidays!

I have used her to help me organize my closets and garage and how to set up the closets/cabinets in my home to be used most efficiently - this has been extremely helpful.

Jo on Alvin/November 2010

Personal Organizer, Personal Assistant: Debbie Cunningham

Highest recommendation of our neighbor Debbie Cunningham whose skills, personality and patience all combine beautifully to make her a helper par excellence. She has a decade if experience as a personal organizer, asks great questions, listens and translates requests and directions into action and is fast and efficient. Contact her at 964-5877 or debbie.cunningham(@)gmail.com. (Leave out the parentheses, please. I am just trying to make it hard for spiders and bots to harvest her email address.)

Peggy Manor