Update by J. Mills, August 2013

Jorge's test-only center ([WWW]http://jorgestestonly.com/) quoted $50 for test and certificate transfer (using the $10 off coupon on website).

I printed a coupon from [WWW]http://smogtips.com/ for "Quick Smog" at 2235 Old Middlefield for $29.95 + $10 transfer. But it turned out their equipment was broken when I called.

I printed a coupon from [WWW]http://smogtips.com/ for "Premier Smog" at 101 E. El Camino, Mtn View (at Coast Gasoline, Grant Road) for $29.95. Transfer fee was $8.25. No wait, quick, guy was very nice.

Update by cjasper 12/18/08

Palo Alto Smog Test seems to not be listed on SmogTips.com, but Quik Smog Test Only is - at 2235 Old Middlefield Way. I called first, and they charge $50. With the $10 off coupon online, it's only $40. So I'm going to try there. Will report back...

Posted by D. Cunningham, 10-20-05

1.(5 rec's) Palo Alto Smog Test, 1917 Old Middlefield Way #10 
(1 rec) Ted's Arco, 2110 Old Middlefield Way (corner of Rengstorff Ave.) 
(2 rec's) Jorges Smog, 740 Sierra Vista #L (corner of Old Middlefield Way) 
(1 rec) Helmings, on Wyandott, just off Independence

2. I went to Palo Alto Smog Test with a coupon that I printed out from 
[WWW]http://smogtips.com/. $45 final, including certificate. Logan, a former 
mechanic, is a nice fellow. He even offered me an advice on how to improve 
gas mileage for my car with a simple fix. He advertises in Palo Alto Daily 
and may have a better price sometimes.

3. We recommend Jorge's Smog on Middlefield next to 7-11. I think he charges $60. Mike has coupons in the front office if you want to get one: 2520-G Wyandotte St. 988-0640

4. Go to: "Jorge's Smog Test Only Center". He is nice, it's a small, clean 
shop in the back of a commercial building, he is cheaper than all the 
other's, does a great job, you'll be in and out in nothing flat...by far 
and away the best! 969-3211, 740 Sierra Vista, unit L, between Ellison's 
Towing and 7Eleven on Old Middlefield.

5. TWO THUMBS WAY UP FOR PALO ALTO SMOG TEST, LOCATED BETWEEN 7-11 AND 101 ON OLD MIDDLEFIELD WAY. It was only $46.00 (with the below coupon from the internet), I was only there 10-15 mins, the friendly mechanic gave me a free soda while I waited and I highly recommend them. [WWW]http://smogtips.com

6. I followed the recommendations and went to Palo Alto Smog Test on Old Middlefield. It was over in less than 15 minutes and Logan was very professional. There is no waiting, the price is right ($46), the certificate is electronically sent to DMV and I have my paper copy, and people are very friendly. I highly recommend it. ($5 off with coupons on [WWW]http://smogtips.com)

7. REcommend Jorge's Smog for "TEST CENTER ONLY" Smog checks, they are a small operation, friendly and quick. Jorge's smog, 740 Sierra Vista Avenue Unit "L", 969-3211. the driveway right before the 7-11 on Old Middlefield. (headed towards the highway on ramp).