For Hotsprings/Tiger River - Matt

I highly recommend Matt, the service guy who works for Hot Spring Spas of Santa Cruz and Hot Spring Spas of San Jose on DeAnza Blvd - only 10 mins from here on 85 - [WWW] Matt is very reliable, on time, and knowledgable. (I didn't say cheap, though.) Perhaps he works on other brands as well. Give him a call: 831-425-1118. cjasper - 7/25/05

Hot Tub/Spa Supplies - Recommendations received from neighbors 6/19/06 by cjasper

1. i think it's called leslie's pool supplies on el camino. it's either in the kinko's strip mall or the one before. orchard supply carries some supplies, not sure if it's that detailed.

CJ's comment: They don't stock lithium hydrochoride. It's a special order item.

2. There is a store opposite to Costplus (other side on El Camino) that we go to. Sorry, I do not know what it is called.

CJ's comment: Same as above.

3. Try the swimming pool supply place on San Antonio just before 101. I don't remember the name, and I don't remember whether they carry it, but I know I have purchased many chemicals for our hot tub there.

4. I just called, it's at Orchard Supply Hardware, right here in Mtn. View. 
Celia on Thompson Square.

I ended up buying it at Sterling Pool Supplies at the corner of El Camino and Miramonte/Shoreline. They stock 1 lb and 5 lb containers.