Entries Submitted by Carolyn Siegel, December 21, 2005

America's Tire

1. Last time the topic came up the overall winner for number of 
reccommendations was American Tires near the corner of Grant Road and El 
Camino. I went there a couple of times and they have been good for me. They 
told me that my tire was shot when I had a flat. I had hit a pothole that 
bent the rim of the wheel. Since it was a radial tire, I was sure that I was 
goin to have to buy a pair but they said that my other tires were new enough 
that I could get by with only replacing the bad tire.

2. America's Tire at Grant and El Camino got the most votes.

3. The best by far, in terms of recommendations, was 
America Tire's. They are adjacent to Target on 
Shower's. There is normally a wait, so you can go to 
Target and spend money while you wait, but they keep 
giving me free tires even if a puncture is my fault!

4. America's Tire comes up for recommendations a lot; they are good and reasonable. We (Helmings Auto 988-0460) can also get you tires and our prices are about comparable to Costco.