We have an abundance of raccoons in our neighborhood that can create problems by digging up our yards, coming into the house through pet doors, or scaring other pets. Here is a list of suggestions for thwarting them, compiled from several emails sent on this subject, Sept., 2007:

  • Spray them with a hose 

  • Yell at them 

  • Install an electronic fence until they *get* the message 

  • Put bird netting over new sod, until it takes root 

  • Scatter mothballs around the yard 

  • Put down ammonia-soaked rags 

  • Fry hot chili peppers in bacon grease & scatter those around the yard 

  • Spray some kind of repellant on the yard that you can buy in a nursery 

  • Have motion sensor lights aimed at your yard 

  • Scatter "Tide" detergent on the yard, and when the sprinklers come on, it will soak into the ground and kill the grubs, so the raccoons won't find anything there to eat.


  • Sprinkler red pepper on grass, because it will kill the grass. It works best in flower beds, when applied directly to the soil. 

  • Feed them!!! They will NOT starve! They are ingenious critters that will find food on their own. 

  • Leave pet doors open after dark. They are very clever at opening them up and will readily come in your house looking for food! They can open up a magnetic pet door as well, so the kind with a sliding metal cover that locks works the best. 

  • Corner them! They can become vicious! So keep them away from children or pets.

Information compiled by Pat Jordan (650) 967-1467. (I have 3 cats and a yard that raccoons seem to love).


For information on how to deal with bee swarms in your garden, find contacts at https://www.beeguild.org/swarm