AA Willian's Auto Glass (2239 Old Middlefield) ( 650 ) 937-0272

· I used AA Willian's Auto Glass (2239 Old Middlefield) about 4 years ago for my truck's windshield - no complaints. Michelle on Fay Way

· Yes, excellent on Middlefield AA Willian's Ph. # ( 650 ) 937-0272 Ribbe Family

· We have used AA Willian's personally and professionally. They are fast, reliable and the prices are competitive. They also come to you if need be. They also fill cracks so they don't keep growing. Leane on Dell

· Quick and good quality glass. Within walking distance. Shihs on Adele (July 2008)

Auto Glass, Ltd (Rich Dominguez) 439 Lambert Ave, Palo Alto

I had some issues with my windshield replacement a few years ago; after the replacement, one could hear wind coming through a crack which was not properly sealed. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the shop with the problems, although I do have the name of the shop that sorted it out. Auto Glass was tremendously helpful, and seemed trustworthy to me. They have great online reviews, too. Helen on Emmons