The West Virginia University Extension Service has boots on the ground in all 55 counties in the state,  offering a variety of programming and help with local issues concerning natural resources, economic development, health and wellness, leadership and career skills. 

To achieve their mission of helping educators and volunteers build and help sustain collaborations and partnerships with people and organizations in West Virginia to improve their lives and communities, WVU Extension develops and leverages resources in all WV communities for agriculture, disaster preparedness, environmental and natural resources, home and family, food and health, lawn and garden, community development, tourism, economics, and youth activities such as 4-H

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History of Organization: West Virginia University opened in 1867 with 4-H, currently part of Extension's Youth Development Program, starting in 1912 as a way to provide vocational and life skills through innovative projects and initiatives to meet the needs of families and communities across the state. In 1921, Jackson's Mill became the U.S.'s first state 4-H camp after being entrusted to WVU Extension service by the state. 

Programs and Projects: As part of Extension's 4-H and Youth programs,  Energy Express is a nationally acclaimed literacy program through the Extension's 4-H Youth Development program that helps students gain or maintain reading skills. WVU Extension 4-H  clubs teach West Virginia youth how to develop skills and knowledge (head), self-esteem and positive values (heart), service and citizenship (hands) and healthy habits (health). Jackson's Mill serves as both a 4-H camping site and a conference facility. Agriculture programs include safety, crops, gardening, and livestock, just to name a few. Business and Workforce programs cover topics such as fire service, labor and unions, safety, and workers compensation. Tourism, farmers markets and public policies are covered in Communities programs. Disaster preparedness resources for events such as flooding, winter emergencies, and helping children when disasters occur are provided as part of Extension's services. Programming and information about environmental and natural resources such as conservation and stewardship and lawn and garden are available including the Master Gardener program that provides in-depth training on horticulture and supports community gardening projects. Food and health as well as home and family programs provides advice and services on topics ranging from nutrition to strengthening family connections. Extension also holds several events including the Diabetes Symposium & Workshop, WVU & WVU Extension Day at the Legislature, the West Virginia State Fair and the Small Farm Conference. 

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