Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is located just 15 miles west of Denver CO. The naturally formed amphitheatre lies within Red Rocks Park in Morrison, Colorado. Red Rocks Park is owned by the city of Denver as part of Denver Mountain Parks. 

Red Rocks is known for concerts and entertainment in the amphithere as well as various hiking and biking trails. The elevation of the park allows for stunning views of the Valley.


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In 1927 the City of Denver purchased the land that that park now sits on. At this time, it was just an area of “Red Rocks. The land was owned by Jefferson County local John Brisben Walker who had a dream of a creating a concert venue which the sound would radiate off of the surrounding red rocks.The natural amphitheatre made up of just red rocks took over 200 million years to form.The automobile entrepreneur had organized several concerts between 1906 and 1910, years before his dream for Red Rocks. In 1927 the City of Denver purchased the land from Walker for $ 54,133, which is $815,877 USD today. In 1936 construction on the amphitheatre began. The amphitheatre was eventually designed by Burnam Hoyt, who designed with Walker's vision of a venue within two massive slabs of stone. The park and amphitheater was eventually opened to the public in June 1941.


Red Rocks Park 


Red Rocks Park is a part of Denver Mountain Parks. The park is known for its large sandstone rocks that sprawl across 659 Acres. The park was once home to the Ute Tribe as they favored the park for its natural shelter within the rocks. The park is made up of several pedestrian only trails as well as various mountain bike, horse and dog trails. As for pedestrian only trails, the Funicular Trail, Mt. Vermin Creek Trail and the Trading Post Trail are very popular. 


The Amphitheatre

The Amitheatre has been a venue for various public and private performances throughout the year. Aside from being used as a concert venue, the amphitheater is also used for community activities such as Film on the rocks, Yoga on the rocks and Red Rocks Church.


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Photograph by Katie Dominguez Aug 2015

The visitors center

The visitors center, also known as the Trading Post at Red Rocks, features education about the park and its history. Within the visitors center is an interactive film that features the geological history of the park as well as a performers hall of fame for the amphitheatre.

While visiting the center, visitors are welcomed to stop by the Ship Rock Grille for a tasty meal. The restaurant serves an American cuisine with both vegetarian and gluten free options. The Ship Rock Grille also offers a full bar. 

Daily Tours of the Park and amphitheatre take place daily starting at 10am during the summer months ( June 1- October 1). The park charges $6 a person, per tour. 




Red Rocks amphitheatre has been awarded the Pollstar magazine's best small outdoor venue for the 11th time. 


Park Rules


-Access to the amphitheater is subject to scheduled events. A ticket may be required for admittance.

-Amplified music is not allowed (unless permitted by the venue); please limit the enjoyment of music to headphones.

-Exercise equipment that obstructs access to stairs, benches and other areas or that could cause -damage to the venue or injury to others is not allowed.

-Climbing or hanging on venue structures is prohibited.

-No rock climbing or off-trail use, violators are subject to arrest and prosecution.

-Pets are welcome during non-event hours. By law, you are required to leash and clean up after your pet.

-Signage (commercial or otherwise) is not allowed.

-By trademark law, you may not reproduce the logo or represent any unauthorized affiliation with -Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

-Setting up tables and booths is prohibited.

-The use of skateboards and rollerblades is prohibited.

-Private vending is prohibited, which includes, but is not limited to, the sale of merchandise, food, beverages, and tickets.

-Remote controlled flying devices or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are prohibited.


Prohibited items


  • Liquids in non-factory sealed containers

  • Alcoholic beverages, marijuana, and illegal drugs

  • Glass bottles/objects or beverage cans

  • Laser pointers

  • Hard-sided coolers

  • Audio or video recording devices, GoPros, 360-degree cameras, and cameras with removable lenses

  • Selfie sticks

  • Weapons of any kind (e.g. guns, knives, chains, studded/spiked jewelry)

  • Totems (self-crafted, decorated sticks or poles)

  • Bull Horns and noisemakers

  • Aerosols (e.g., hairspray, sunscreen)

  • Framed backpacks

  • Strollers of any kind

  • Masks

  • Confetti, glitter and other items that can be thrown

  • Tarps

  • Umbrellas

  • Hula Hoops

  • Animals (with the exception of service animals)

  • Poi (e.g., sticks, rope, balls)

  • Remote controlled flying devices or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)


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