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Nevada City

The county seat, Nevada City draws visitors from around the world for its festive arts scene. Each January, the city hosts the Wild and Scenic Film Festival sponsored by the South Yuba River Citizen's League. It has hosted the start of the Tour of California bike race, an annual professional cycling race that has drawn talents like Lance Armstrong to the area.

In 2006, Nevada City hosted the filming of a Hallmark movie called The Christmas Card.

Grass Valley

Grass Valley is home to the Empire Mine, one of the oldest, deepest, and richest gold mines in California.


According to the most recent census, Nevada County boasts a population today of 98,674. The county seat is Nevada City with a population of 3,068. The largest town is Grass Valley with a population of 12,860.

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Nevada County Lingo

*South Fork: This refers to a portion of the South Yuba River State Park off of Highway 49. It is located about 20 minutes out of town and is one of the most popular swimming locations when the Yuba River is not too high.

*The Ridge: A small community off of Highway 49 near North San Juan. Reputation for ex-hippies.

*Acid Rock: A cliff upstream of the Hwy 49 bridge crossing of the South Yuba River. As the name suggests, people have been known to drop the drug and then drop themselves off the cliff into the river. The name has been around for many many years, as my 50 year old father once confessed to me, "Oh yeah, I've done acid on acid rock as a kid"...