Welcome to Nevada County LocalWiki! We are a comprehensive, online database dedicated to everything Nevada County related. Think of this as a historical and current repository of information where people can access what they want to know. This can include phone numbers and hours for businesses, directions, information about real estate or climate, or about different regions in Nevada County. This is a space for all of us to come together as a community and share experiences, knowledge and advice. The wiki is a community effort and we invite everyone to contribute and help make this a success. Feel free to edit existing information or add new information. It's fun and easy!

Don't see a page for the best swimming hole at the river? Feel free to make one. Is a great vegan restaurant missing from our list of Vegetarian Options? Add it. Are there no photographs of your favorite hiking trail? Grab your camera and go on a photo walk. Is there a killer dish that no one has recommended yet? Please do so. Nothing is too small. We want to record Nevada County's culture. We want your tips and tricks, your recommendations, your favorite spots, your business information, or for you just to share the things that make Nevada County so enjoyable. Beautiful pictures are also a big plus.

Victorian Christmas, An annual Festival in Downtown Nevada City; Photograph by Kelly Hale We want to make the Nevada County LocalWiki as thorough, accurate and easy to use as possible, so don't be shy about editing someone else's contribution if they are incorrect or unclear. However, we do discourage you from removing other's contributions unless they are unsalvageably incorrect. Let's all work together to make the Nevada County LocalWiki as accessible as possible.

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Some editing guidelines and tips for new users:

  • When editing an already existing page, it is best to do so in a way that fits the flow of that page.
  • Don't feel compelled to create an entire new entry on your first go, fixing and perfecting already existing pages is also very important.
  • When creating a new page: All information pertaining to the topic of the new page is helpful, but not necessary. If you're not sure about something leave it blank rather than guessing. This is a community effort, after all, and others may step up to fill in the gaps.
  • Instead of deleting, try to edit and clarify existing information.
  • Since the purpose of this wiki is education, we would like to try and keep a catalogue of old county information for historical purposes. This may include businesses that have closed or information from annual events from previous years. Instead of deleting these pages/information, either make a note that a business is no longer operating, or add the most recent information ABOVE the older information. This may be a little confusing, so if you need clarification, feel free to ask or read up on what constitutes educational information
  • Be sure to try to remember to preview your edit/new page before you save the changes.
  • Please remember that when leaving reviews or comments on pages to be courteous. Criticism is okay, but disrespect reflects poorly on everyone.
  • We are not striving to present a neutral point of view, unlike wikipedia. Rather, we would like to reflect the diversity of people, ideas and opinions that make Nevada County the place that it is. If possible, we would like balance in views expressed.
  • Do not submit copyrighted photographs, work, etc.

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We want to make this wiki as informative as possible and we know that, with community involvement, we will succeed. We look forward to working with you!

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