New Westminster's West End is a primarily residential neighbourhood  bordered by the commercial areas of 12th St. and 20th St., and the busy commuter routes of Sixth Ave. and 10th Ave. It is best known for Grimston Park, which is visible from the SkyTrain when passing between 22nd St. Station and New Westminster Station.  It is a quiet community with many young families and children.


According to the most recent City Census report, the West End has more children and teens aged 5 to 14, and slightly fewer young adults. Thirty-eight percent of households include couples with children, compared to 23% in the city as a whole. Households are also less likely to have moved in the past five years, as compared to the city overall. A number of families have both small children and grandparents living in the same household. Compared to the City, this neighbourhood has twice the proportion of multiple-family households.

The West End is one of the wealthier neighbourhoods in New Westminster. Compared to the City, in the West End there are 8% fewer households in each of the lowest two income categories, and 17% more in the highest income category.  The West End’s median household income is 37% higher than the City’s. Prevalence of low income is 4.5% below the City-wide rate.



The neighbourhood is dominated by single-family homes on larger lots, with some duplexes and low-rise apartments closer to 12th Street and Sixth Avenue. There are also a number of basement suites for rent. According to recent Census data, almost half of all households live in single family homes, comprising a 29% higher share than City-wide. Apartment households are less prevalent in the West End, representing a 49% lower share of households than City-wide. Just 26% of West End households rent housing, which is a 20% lower share than City-wide. Thirty-three percent of renter households struggle with affordability, which is 6% below the City-wide share.

Although there are a few old-timers, most are renovated mid-Century bungalows or newer.


Scenic Grimston Park boasts a newer playground (upgraded in 2010), seasonal wading pool, lacrosse box, tennis courts and soccer field. The steep lower slope is a favourite spot for tobogganing in winter. Washrooms are open during daylight hours. 

Riverside Adventure Park is a smaller neighbourhood park with shady trees, park benches and a playground.


The West End is home to several preschools and an elementary school. There are no middle schools or secondary schools in the West End.  



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