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Spring Hill is a neighborhood in Norwalk named after the hill on which most of the neighborhood sits. It is located west of Central Norwalk, across Route 7 and north of Interstate 95 and Route 1. Norwalk Hospital is on the eastern edge of the neighborhood. Riverside Cemetery is on the northeastern edge.

About 9,000 people live in Spring Hill, a densely populated part of the city where condominiums have been built in recent decades.1 The Spring Hill Neighborhood Association is the neighborhood association that represents the interests of the residents of the neighborhood to the city and community.

In 2008, the parks committee of the First Taxing District agreed to create a park out of a 0.75 acre tract surrounding the water towers in the neighborhood (bordered by Dover Street, Grandview Avenue and Magnolia Street). The property includes several oak trees that are about 150 years old. Up until the creation of the park, the neighborhood was the only one in Norwalk without a park. Riverside Park, a mile long strip, previously existed where the Super 7 highway connector was built in the early 1980s.2

Norwalk Hospital is a major landowner in the neighborhood. Aside from the land where the hospital buildings are located, the hospital owns more than a dozen parcels totaling roughly 6 acres on Truman, Stevens and Maple streets, as well as Magnolia and Rhodonolia. The parcels contain houses, condominiums and medical facilities.3

Jefferson Science Magnet School is located in Spring Hill.


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