Pets: Some people cuddle their beloved critters, some people toss their grubby hamsters in smelly cages, some sun their lizards in a perfect replication of the Hawaiian islands. Others just spoil their cats or dogs. Regardless, Trojans really love their pets.  Have you lost a pet? Report it at Lost Pets. Sick pet? With this page, the intention is to, with collaboration, create cohesion within the community and open this door as a resource if you need a Pet Sitter to care for your little bugger when you're away. We can discuss Pet Transportation services to get your pet where it needs to go, and Pet Grooming will make it look better when it gets there. If you don't already have a pet, and you think you'd make a good pet owner, consider adopting. It is also responsible to think about how you would provide for your pet during an emergency!


Do not buy/adopt a pet if:

  • You plan to dump him/her when you have kids
  • You don't intend to take care of him/her when your kids lose interest
  • You don't intend to bring him/her with you if/when you move
  • You only want a puppy/kitten and not a dog/cat
  • You can't meet basic obligations like spay / neuter
  • You won't educate yourself as to what you should do to impart good habits
  • You'd rather put him/her down than pay large vet bills or refuse to take them to the vet within a reasonable amount of time after an issue presents itself.
  • You just want to breed her to sell cute little babies
  • You are going to keep him/her outside
  • You can't tolerate damage to your belongings
  • You plan to dump him/her as soon as you get busy
  • You don't want to make your S.O. take allergy meds. (Claritin, Allegra, and Zyrtec are also used to treat pet allergies allowing people allergic to pet dander to own pets.)
  • You're hardly ever home and the animal will be alone most of the time.
  • You haven't researched the breed to find out what its needs are and to make sure you're committed to fulfilling them.
  • You're buying it for someone else as a "surprise" without knowing that they really want to take care of a pet at this point in their lives.
  • You plan to feed them low-quality, cheap food. (You spend more money on vet bills in the long run when you feed cheap food. Also, cats cannot be vegetarians.)

Cats & Dogs