In July, 2014 ??? sent out an invite-only survey about Oakland Issues related to the 2014 Mayoral Election. All questions allow you to pick only one choice except where noted.

  1. Do you plan to vote in the Upcoming mayoral election on November 4, 2014?
    1. Yes
    2. Probably Yes
    3. Probably No
    4. No
    5. Unsure
  2. Do you think things in Oakland are going in the right direction, or do you feel that things are pretty seriously on the wrong track?
    1. Right direction
    2. Wrong track
  3. What do you like most about Oakland? (Free text)
  4. What do you like least about Oakland? (Free text)
  5. What's your biggest complaint about Oakland city government? (Free text)
  6. What's the one thing Oakland city government does best? (Free text)
  7. When it comes to our next mayor, what problem or issue do you think he or she should address first? (Free text)
  8. Which of these statements do you most agree with?
    1. We need to re-elect our current mayor because she has on-the-job experience at City Hall and can keep Oakland moving forward.
    2. We need to elect one of our city council members as mayor because they have on-the-job experience at City Hall and can keep Oakland moving forward.
    3. We need to elect the City Auditor as mayor because she has executive experience and she has been a watchdog shining a light on waste, fraud and mismanagement and can clean up City Hall.
    4. We need to elect a candidate for mayor with no City Hall experience because City Hall is the problem, not the solution.
  9. Which of these statements do you most agree with?
    1. City government would have the funds it needs to provide basic services if it operated more efficiently and stopped wasting money.
    2. City government needs to find new sources of revenue in order to provide basic servies.
  10. Which one of these ideas would be the most effective way to make Oakland safer?
    1. Expanding crime and violence prevention programs
    2. Hiring more police officers
    3. Addressing root problems of crime like poverty and lack of opportunities
    4. Increasing training for police officers
    5. Focusing more on community policing
  11. What is the most important thing you will base your decision on when you vote for mayor? (free text)
  12. As you may know, voters will get to vote for their top three choices for mayor in November. If the election were held today, who would be your first choice for mayor?
    1. Dan Seigel [sic]
    2. Courtney Ruby
    3. Joe Tuman
    4. Rebecca Kaplan
    5. Other Candidate
    6. Bryan Parker
    7. Jean Quan
    8. Undecided
    9. Libby Schaff [sic]
  13. And who would be your second choice for mayor?
    1. Jean Quan
    2. Joe Tuman
    3. Libby Schaff [sic]
    4. Bryan Parker
    5. Other candidate
    6. Dan Seigel [sic]
    7. Courtney Ruby
    8. Rebecca Kaplan
    9. Undecided
  14. And who would be your third choice for mayor?
    1. Courtney Ruby
    2. Bryan Parker
    3. Undecided
    4. Other candidate
    5. Jean Quan
    6. Joe Tuman
    7. Dan Seigel [sic]
    8. Rebecca Kaplan
    9. Libby Schaff [sic]
  15. In terms of political parties, do you consider yourself a:
    1. Democrat
    2. Republican
    3. Green Party
    4. Other Party
    5. No party preference
  16. Are you:
    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Transgender/Transitioning
  17. Do you consider yourself:
    1. Progressive
    2. Liberal
    3. Moderate
    4. Conservative
  18. What is your age?
    1. 18-29
    2. 30-39
    3. 40-49
    4. 50-65
    5. 65-75
    6. Over 75
  19. What is your educational background?
    1. Some high school
    2. High school graduate
    3. Some college
    4. College graduate
    5. Advanced degree
  20. What is your Zip Code? (free text)

Screenshots via greenkozi.

(ignore the highlighted candidate- that's where greenkozi's mouse happened to be for SS)