Saturday, September 21, 2013.

Volunteers are needed to help clean and beautify Oakland’s creeks, Lake Merritt and the Oakland Estuary.

Volunteers will pick up litter, remove invasive plants, plant California native species and clean up creek beds. Groups of all ages are welcome to participate in this community event and are encouraged to gather friends, family and co-workers to have fun and help improve the health of our community and environment. With cleanup and beautification activities at 36 sites, there are plenty of locations for everyone to join this volunteer effort and make a difference in our community.

All volunteers will receive a reusable tote to use wherever they shop to help minimize the use of single-use plastic bags, one of the most common types of marine debris. The tote bag is part of a greater outreach initiative to encourage the use of reusable bags and to educate residents about the recently passed Single-Use Bag Reduction Ordinance. As volunteers work hard to clean up our creeks and waterways on Creek to Bay Day, they will see first-hand the detrimental impacts of single-use plastic bags on fragile riparian and marine ecosystems. Plastic bags and other plastic litter can be ingested by or entangle animals that live in creeks, the Bay, and the ocean. As plastic debris degrades, toxins are leached into the water, negatively impacting water quality. Using a tote bag when making purchases is a way everyone can lessen potential impacts on our waterways.

This event is part of the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day, sponsored by the California Coastal Commission. 

For complete event information, including volunteer locations, please visit

Official city page.

List of registered sites.

partial list of LOCATIONS:

  • Courtland Creek / Courtland Creek Park
  • Peralta Creek / Peralta Creek Park, Wisconsin Street at Rettig Avenue
  • Butters Canyon / near 3514 Butters Drive
  • Sausal Creek / Barry Place, E 27th Street and Barry Place
  • Beaconsfield Canyon / Near 2639 Beaconsfield Place
  • Sausal Creek / Bridgeview Trailhead, at Bridgeview Drive
  • Sausal Creek / Dimond Park, 3860 Hanly Road
  • Fern Ravine / 10060 Skyline Boulevard, Sequoia Arena in Joaquin Miller Park
  • Sausal Creek / Joaquin Miller Plant Nursery, ¼ mi. past 3594 Sanborn Road
  • Sausal Creek / Marj Saunders Park, Chelton Drive and Ascot Drive
  • Palo Seco Creek / Joaquin Miller Court parking lot at PalosColorados Trail
  • Shepherd Canyon Park, Escher Dr., ¼ mi. past Shepherd Canyon Rd.  
  • Oakland Estuary Jack London Aquatic Center 115 Embarcadero
  • Oakland Estuary Jack London Square 530 Water Street