This page discusses the direction for Oakland Wiki in 2013. These goals were discussed at an Oakland Wiki meeting on Feb. 28, 2013. Further planning of these goals will continue on 2013 Planning Notes 2.


  • We want more contributors! What we've done so far for outreach has been to host events such as our Bikeabouts and Local History Editathons, and weekly meetings. Below is a brainstorm of resources and ideas to help us expand our networks, improve upon our current events and formulate new forms of outreach! 
  • We want $$$! We'd love to be able to hire regular staff. Should we incorporate? Should we seek project-specific individual or group grants? So many possibilities!

Outreach: Individuals and Communities

See the full list (and add to it) at List of Communities to Reach Out To.

Who are motivated people we can approach? What existing communities can we organize with? The primary vehicle that we have been using to do community outreach up to now is the EDITATHON. The editathons scheduling entry can be used to schedule editathons for particular dates. Team Oakland Wiki folks should feel empowered to schedule editathons on any empty dates at least 2 weeks in the future :)

Page Ideas/Fun & Unique Pages to Develop

  • Oakland Urban Legends/mysteries to be solved, kind of like challenges? ideas we throw out but can't readily solve
  • First Friday Events
  • Easily available edible plants of Oakland (ex: Rosemary)


Maybe this should be its own page/be merged with pages on our dreams for developing this platform?

  • Can we use for individual books referenced in the wiki? the metadata for this can be useful in the wiki. marcxml - can we use this?
  • Develop templates.
    • Create Neighborhoods template.
    • Add transportation options to Places template.
  • Timeline function? Here's an example from okfnlabs. Oakland Master Plan article might be good experimenting grounds! Not much yet, but a link to localwiki-dev.
  • Update image upload system.
    • Include possibility of adding metadata for image sorting/classification.
    • Central repository, akin to Wikimedia Commons?
    • flickr pro account? can have everything CC there? -lb's silly suggestion
  • Comments feature enabled for each article, similar to Google Documents. Could allow suggestions for improvements.
  • Citations, people! right now we have a whole lot of plagiarized (for lack of a better word, and because I'm being honest) material on here. And, although I know we've all busted out tons of work on it, no one else knows that it's legitimate because sources aren't cited. Vicky sent me these awesome links on footnoting ala the OG wikipedia, but so far I haven't been able to make them work.

​Conversation starters! 

These are topics we think will hook people to Oakland Wiki and make it a hotbed of editing!! We've started making a list of current and historic political hot topics on the Politics page.

  • The 10c plastic bag tax!! D:<
  • Sewage systems
  • Compost
  • Gun show ban in Alameda County D:< D:<


  • Marketing/advertising
    • logo will be finalized by the two logo design contest finalists in early Feb.
    • once logo is finalized, we can get stickers and buttons. stickers can go in business windows.
    • promo flyer is needed
    • promo video and how to edit video
  • Best practices for businesses? => more detail?
  • Contact CodeforOakland to change meeting times to not overlap with City Council.
    • get linked!
    • they have multiple paying sponsors- talk about that!
  • Maybe create a google doc/spreadsheet for outreach in progress?
    • i think this is a big need- would help facilitate action on this, and keeping organized for groups to contact. -lb
  • Portals need work
  • Oakland Wiki visitors and volunteers
    • Create better front page presentation, including dreamstorm of what our dream Oakland Wiki will be able to do for the community. 
    • Create article (or adapt from the localwiki "how to host an editathon" page) with recommendations on how to organize editathons and other events.

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