On February 27, 2013, Mayor Jean Quan gave the State of the City.

The video is archived here.

Mayor Quan’s March 4, 2013 newsletter included the following information about/defense of her speech:

”In the State of the City I tried to present a balanced view of Oakland’s accomplishments over the last two years and of the challenges ahead. I started with the challenges: public safety and the upcoming budget planning. Then outlined the encouraging signs: the growing economy, national accolades and major projects on the horizon. I ended with the challenge to ask each Oaklander to become part of the process and to be part of the solution.

The cost of 200 more police and the media: One of the City’s goals is to add 200 more officers. What I laid out Wednesday is the complete baseline cost. I noted that night that one of the local papers criticized the City for “not balancing our 5 year budget.” What we put out in December was a 5 year projection, NOT a BUDGET. The projection was to show that if we do not make adjustments and grow our economy significantly more than now projected, we will be out of balance again. I think we are trying to be transparent.

Then on Wednesday I put out that we estimated it will cost $73 million to recruit, train, and pay 200 new officers. Several of the main print reporters immediately jumped on that one point, basically accusing us of using too high of a number. They said that at current costs the salary of 200 officers would be $40 million. True, but the costs of the extensive recruiting and screening, academies, 6 month field training, cars, and equipment is another $33 million for 200 officers. Even though I stayed for the reception long afterwards NOT ONE of them asked me or my staff why I used that figure so I could explain. They ran with story that we were wrong and it was followed by other media.

I usually don’t fight the errors or what I think is unfair in media coverage. But as we come into the budget debate about something this important, it is critical that we have an honest discussion about what the city’s resources are, our priorities as a community, and what we are willing to pay. We will do our best to put out as much information as we can. “

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