2014 is an election year. Educate yourself and stay up to date on the election. Districts 2, 4 and 6 will be on the ballot.

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The Candidates

To see who has officially filed and find any finance-related forms, click here. Under the yellow boxes, you will see "Browse Candidates & Measures by Election." Click the 11/04/2014 tab and then the relevant Candidate tab to expand. You can also check here (click "Candidate List). Check here for updated candidate information.

District 2

The following candidates qualified for the ballot.  D2 Incumbent Pat Kernighan will not be running.4

Name/OW page Short Bio Filings Website Political Positions Page
Kevin Blackburn Assistant Vice President for Legislative & Regulatory Affairs at the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.8 blackburn501.pdf http://www.kevinblackburnforoakland.com/ Positions
Abel Guillen Senior Executive Vice President at Caldwell Flores Winters Inc. and current Peralta Community College board of trustees (since 2006).



http://www.abelforoakland.com/ Positions
Dana King Artist, Former KPIX news anchor, adjunct professor

king 501.pdf

king 410.pdf

king 301.pdf



Ken Maxey Director Community Relations     Positions
Andrew Park Department Manager, Physical Education/Biological Sciences Division, UC Berkeley; and community leader in San Antonio district.  Has lived in Oakland for over 30 years.

park 501.pdf

park 301.pdf

park 410.pdf

http://www.andrewparkoakland.com/ Positions

The candidates will appear on the ballot in the following order:

  • Abel Guillen: Community College Trustee
  • Ken Maxey: Director Community Relations
  • Dana King: Retired Broadcast Journalist
  • Kevin Blackburn: Housing Policy Advisor
  • Andrew Park: Public University Administrator

Zennie Abraham has a video playlist including each candidate, save for Mr. Maxey as of this writing:  Oakland City Council District Two Race 2014 Videos

The following candidates filed papers but either withdrew interest or decided not to run.

Name/OW page Short Bio Filings Website Political Positions Page
Sokhom Mao Mao is no longer running: he is supporting King. (see tweet)




http://www.sokhommao.com/ Positions
Michael Colbruno Lobbyist, democratic activist. After Guillen announced, Colbruno announced he would no longer be running (March 27, 2014). colbruno501.pdf   Positions


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District 4 (strikethroughs represent no longer running and/or confirmed as never running)

The following candidates qualified for the ballot.  D4 Incumbent Libby Schaaf is giving up her seat to run for Mayor.

Name/OW Page Short Bio Filings Website Political Positions Page
Jill Broadhurst

Executive/Finance Director of East Bay Rental Housing Association

Community Volunteer

broadhurst 410.pdf

broadhurst 501.pdf

Broadhurst 301.pdf

http://www.jill4oakland.com/ Positions
Paul Lim** Emergency Management Coordinator lim501.pdf   Positions
Annie Campbell Washington**

Appointed District 4 School Board Member, Oakland Unified School District


campbell washington 501.pdf

campbell washington 410.pdf

campbell washington 301.pdf




The candidates will appear on the ballot in the following order:

  • Annie Campbell Washington: Appointed School Board Member
  • Jill Broadhurst: Executive/Finance Director
  • Paul Lim: Emergency Management Coordinator

In the news:

The following candidates expressed interest but either decided not to run or did not qualify.

Name/OW Page Short Bio Filings Website Political Positions Page
Nicolas Heidorn  

heidorn 301.pdf

heidorn 501.pdf


Craig Sinclair Crossed off on most recent Clerk's list.




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District 6 (strikethroughs represent no longer running and/or confirmed as never running)

The following candidates are confirmed as qualifying for the ballot.

Name/OW Page Short Bio Fillings Website Political Positions Page
Desley Brooks District 6 Councilmember brooks 501.pdf http://democracy.com/Desley-Brooks/default.aspx Political Positions
Michael Johnson Pastor of Beebe Memorial Church2 document (17).pdf http://www.hope4oakland.org Positions
Shereda F Nosakhare Policy Analyst and Community Liaison for Oakland Councilmember Libby Schaaf




http://www.sheredaforoakland.com Positions
James Moore Owner small business consulting firm (per website)

moore 501.pdf

moore 410.pdf

moore 410 original.pdf

http://www.jamesmoore4district6.com/ Positions

The candidates will appear on the ballot in the following order:

  • Desley Brooks: Incumbent

  • Shereda Nosakhare: Public Policy Analyst

  • James Moore: Commercial Corridor Manager

  • Michael Johnson: Administrator/Investor/Minister

In the News:

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Campaign Donations

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Calendar of Events

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See Also

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