California Afro-American Council meeting in 1907 4

The Afro-American Council was a national civil rights organization founded in 1898 in Rochester. Although the national organization dissolved in 1907, the California and Alameda County councils appear to have continued for a few years after that. The AAC was a training ground for many of the famous civil rights leaders, including Ida B. Wells and others who went on to found the NAACP in 1909. 1,2

The first mention of the Alameda County council is in 1903, following a meeting at their hall at 876 Broadway (740 Broadway after renumbering). 6

The California council met in Oakland in 1907 at Beth Eden Baptist Church. 3,4John A. Wilds was on the executive committee of the Alameda County branch in 1907. 3 The California council met in Oakland again 1909, and planned to meet in Pasadena in 1910. 5

The latest reference is in 1914, and mention councils in Sacramento, Stockton, and Oakland. 7

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