Aggregate Space was founded in 2010 in West Oakland.  Their mission is to maintain innovation in the arts by providing providing necessary space for artists in a professionally-outfitted facility equipped with a fabrication shop, design studio, and screening room.  In addition to these facilities Aggregate Space opened a gallery in November 2011 with the mission to provide access to artists driving innovation with sculptural and digital media and whose breadth of work evokes conceptual rigor and advanced ideation processes. 

Aggregate Space is owned and operated by Gallery Director Conrad M. Meyers II and Gallery Advisor S. D. Willis, with support from Gallery Associate Director Pete Hickok and Featherboard Writing Series Founder Steffi Drewes.  

Aggregate Space founders Meyers and Willis moved to Oakland from San Francisco to engage the existing visual arts community and build a space focused on the production of sculpture and new media installations.  It has been 3 years since they began the rental of a large warehouse located in close proximity to downtown Oakland, self-funding and establishing the construction of a gallery, personal art studios, and an unexpected but welcomed community of intellectuals and makers alike. The first exhibition opened in November 2011 and the gallery will have hosted more than 48 public events showcasing the work of 60+ Bay Area visual artists by its 2 year anniversary in November 2013.

In addition, two Bay Area artists have been awarded 6 month residencies culminating in a solo exhibition.  These residencies were free to the artist in exchange for hours assisting with Aggregate Space Gallery events. 

In July 2013, Aggregate Space in collaboration with Steffi Drewes, launched a "Writer-in-Residence"program to be held consecutively for 6 week intervals designed to coincide with the regular gallery shows and the Featherboard Writing Series that closes each exhibition.  

801 West Grand Ave.

Oakland, CA 94607