Akintunde Ahmad is an African American student at Oakland Technical High School who has earned a 5.0 GPA and scored 2100 on the SAT test.  With scores that high it should come as no surprise that Ahmad has been accepted to Yale, Columbia, Brown, Northwestern, UCLA, USC, Howard, Cal Poly, Chapman, and Cal State East Bay, and waitlisted by UC Berkeley and Georgetown University.

He has broken racial stereotypes with his exceptional academic achievements and gained widespread media coverage.  Although as yet he has not chosen which university to attend, Ahmad plans to major in either pre-med or pre-law.

In addition to his outstanding grades, Ahmad is a member of the Young Musicians Choral Orchestra, where he plays the trumpet, French horn and the West African drum, the djembe.

As a student-athlete Ahmad was the MVP of the Oakland Athletic League in 2013, and plans to play baseball in whichever college he attends next fall.

One of six children of Zarina and Mubarak Ahmad, Ahmad has always attended Oakland public schools, with no private tutors or private schools.  Education was clearly an important factor in Ahmad's home, as his mother Zarina Ahmad is the principal at Piedmont Avenue Elementary School.  The family prides themselves on having instilled good values in each of their children.

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