Ala-Costa Center for the Developmentally Disabled

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3390 Malcom street Oakland,Ca 94605


Phone :


Fax : 510-383-9823


Staff Contact Information – Main Line: (510) 527-2550

Ron Halog, Executive Director – ext. 203


Thomas Krueger, Program Director – ext. 204


Tanya Coffield, Program Director – ext. 206


Brent White, Adult Program Director – ext. 205


Sylvia Quesada, Program Administrator – ext. 201


Sheila O'Keefe, Development Director – ext. 208


Margie Bennett, Respite Supervisor / Senior Lead Teacher – ext. 210


Regina Ashley, ACT Director – Phone (510) 706-0519

Special Events Line – ext. 209


Website (Adult Transition Program)

General Email Address


Ron Halog, Executive Director – 

[email protected]

Thomas Krueger, Program Director –

[email protected]

Tanya Coffield, Program Director – 

[email protected]

Brent White, Adult Program Director – 

[email protected]

Sylvia Quesada, Program Administrator – 

[email protected]

Sheila O'Keefe, Development Director – 

[email protected]

Margie Bennett, Respite Supervisor / Senior Lead Teacher – 

[email protected]




Ala Costa Centers empowers school-aged children and young adults with developmental disabilities to find, use, and express their unique strengths and talents. We enable children to remain living in their homes. Our program allows parents to pursue employment to support their families, and gives families the time to pursue simple activities such as shopping, cooking a meal, or completing a household job. By enriching children’s lives, society as a whole is improved.

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