Alan Cohen is a retired Psychology Professor who lives in Berkeley.

He authored the book A History of Berkeley - From The Ground Up. In his book which he has posted in its entirety online, he notes that the early history of Berkeley, is in fact the early History of Oakland, as Berkeley was part of the original Oakland Township before splitting off on its own.

He met me, HiMY SYeD, in the Oakland History Room during our Big History Editathon, and I showed him OaklandWiki. He showed me his book's website. He's allowed any of the photographs in his book's photo gallery, to be re-posted here on any OaklandWiki pages. ( Yay! )

His next book, will be about Horace Carpentier, who once owned more land than anyone else in Alameda County.

Prof. Cohen has also offered to be a resource for any OaklandWiki people on anything Oakland History related.

He can be reached via the contact page on his website.