Alfred Bourne Nye (October 25, 1853 – August 19, 1913) was editor of the Oakland Enquirer then private secretary to Governor George C. Pardee, and was later appointed as California State Controller.

Nye was born in Stockton, California, and educated on the East Coast. Nye married Alice Mary Wells (Nye) (October 25, 1856 – September 30, 1935) on December 1, 1886.


About 1885 he became editor of the Oakland Enquirer. 1

In January, 1903, Nye became private secretary to Governor George C. Pardee.

He was appointed Controller on November 23, 1906 and was reappointed on January 7, 1907. Nye was elected to two more terms. 1

Death and Burial

Nye died in office on August 19, 1913. According to Lives of the Dead, the cause of death was pneumonia, but his co-workers said he worked himself to death because he was known to work night and day. 2 He and Alice are buried in Mountain View Cemetery in plot 33.

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