small portion of the menu, courtesy of greenkoziBa Le Sandwich Shop is a small Vietnamese sandwich place that has a few other things- soup, etc, including pre-made stuff like shimp rolls, Vietnamese deserts and pork buns ready to go. They recently re-did the place so there are a few tables to eat-in but the place is exactly the same and still totally delicious. Vegetarian banh mi are seriously $2.50. Two are recommended because you know, why not? The #10s are the best I've had in Oakland, because they're the veggie ham kind, not the fried tofu skins or the veggie stirfry kind of the places trying to be hip. 

The restaurant gets crowded but the service is very quick.

Don't park in the red outside: it's a bus stop and it's no joke. The ticket's $250+. The yellow is no joke, either, but that ticket is a lot cheaper.

the lunch scene with some of the premade food. greenkozi


1909 International Blvd


(510) 261-9800


Tue-Sun 6:30 am - 6 pm