The following is a list of members in the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame (BARHoF) with an Oakland connection, or that may have a connection, with more research.

Preston D. Allen (2006)- founder of two Oakland radio stations
Don Barksdale (2007)- born in Oakland, basketball player, owned nightclubs in Oakland
Jan Black (2011) ?
Renel Brooks-Moon (2008) - born in Oakland, SF Giants public address announcer, recognized in baseball HOF as first woman announcer of a championship game in any sport, attended Mills College
Belva Davis (2007)
Jerry Dean (2007) ?
John W. “Bouncin’ Bill” Doubleday (2011) (head of KDIA, historical radio station based in Oakland)
Edna Fischer (2006)- did some recording in Oakland
Wilson K. “Bud” Foster (2007)- Oakland Oaks broadcaster
Bob Fouts (2008)- St. Mary’s, I think
Gordon Greb (2011)- worked for an Oakland program “observing the news”
Hank Greenwald (2009)- briefly did A’s TV
Pat Henry (2006) worked at Oakland’s KROW
Mikel Hunter Herrington (2008) operations director at Oakland’s KNEW
Charles David “Doc” Herrold (2006)- lived in Oakland for a long time
Sherdon “Lu” Hurley (2009) ?
Clifton “Cactus Jack” Johnsen (2009)?

Shingo Kamada (2011) ?
Colin B. Kennedy (2006)- his RF Amplifier was made in Oakland
Bill King (2006)
Art Lebermann (2010) ?
Isabelle Lemon (2010) ?
Dude Martin (2008)- grew up in Oakland
Francis J. McCarty (2011)- tested wireless communication btwn Oakland and SF
Dave McElhatton (2006)- born in Oakland, graduated from Fremont High.
Franklin Mieuli (2007)- owned Warriors for awhile
Jon Miller (2010)- used to call A’s games (now calls Giants games)
Bill Moen (2006) ?
Dan Odum (2011) ?
Johnny Patrick (2006) ?
Rev. George W. Phillips (2006) broadcast on Oakland’s KTAB
Amaury Pi-Gonzalez (2010)- used to call A’s games in Spanish
Hal Ramey (2011) has broadcast the A’s briefly
Tom Saunders (2010) ?
Bill Shaw (2009) ?
Don Sherwood (2006) worked for KTVU and KROW in Oakland
Bonnie Simmons (2010)- lives in Oakland
Lon Simmons (2006)
Heber Smith (2010) ?
Joe Starkey (2009)- broadcast NHL’s Oakland Seals
Roy Storey (2008) ?
Helen Troy (2006) ?
Mel Venter (2006)- game show host on KTVU, raiders broadcast
Ted Wygant (2009)?