On January 24th, 2015 the City of Oakland is hosting a special forum "to address racial inequality within the economic and criminal justice systems, trauma endured by exposure to violence, and the loss of black and brown lives, in response to the local protests and demonstrations that have called for elected leaders to create policy and programs that address this inequality and injustice." 

1:00 pm, City Council Chambers

Agenda (84).pdf

Agenda: Hearing Panel 1: Addressing The Relationship Between OPD And Communities Of Color; Review Of STOP DATA And History Of Officer Involved Shootings In Oakland And Alameda County

Hearing Panel 2: Addressing The Links Between Disparities In Education And Employment And Public Safety

Hearing Panel 3: Addressing Disparities In The Criminal Justice System; Redress For Victims Of Violent Crimes; Relationship Of Poor Communities And Communities Of Color And Police Accountability

Hearing Panel 4: Legislative Panel Discussion With Federal And State Representatives