The building that was formerly Buss Automotive at 1255 7th Street in Acorn is in the process (January 31, 2015) of being covered by murals by the TDK family.

The rear of this building now reads "Secure Bicycle Parking" and has BART tracks on it. It has been updated and can be seen from the BART tracks by West Oakland

Artists include: Ryse, Amend, Zest, Rino, Bam, Albie, Krash,

7th street side- not painted yet! photo by greenkoziback side of building. it's not clear if this was already there- it's fenced in by a very tight fence that would make it hard to paint. photo by greenkoziKrash photo by greenkoziVogue TDK. curved portion of 7th street side. photo by greenkozi?. photo by greenkoziAlbie- tan, next to triton, bottom right (purple): Ryse photo by greenkoziBam, upper left,  rino (middle, green) photo by greenkoziZest and Amend photo by greenkozikrash- lower left, full Union Street Side. photo by greenkozi

As of April, 2015, the rear of the building looked like this:

photo copyright  Jef Poskanzer, used with permission