On July 25th, 2013, the City Council held a meeting to consider censuring City Council Member Desley Brooks for her alleged actions regarding the Rainbow Teen Center and reported in the Grand Jury Report and the Ruby Report. The resolution was submitted by Council President Pat Kernighan. Desley Brooks responded with a 35 page supplemental report.

The meeting was long and pretty ugly. In the end, the council voted to admonish themselves (with the exception of the 3 new councilmembers) and to set up a new committee to establish a procedure for the future. They wanted to censure themselves by that would have required public noticing of the act and the city attorney told them they could not waive their notice.

Storify of the (horrible) evening.

Resolution for censure: View Report (15).pdf

Supplemental report: View Supplemental Report (10).pdf

A snippet of the councilmembers shouting over each other

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