Charles Newton (1826 – June 5, 1894) was an early land owner of the Peralta Heights development, and the namesake of Newton Avenue. He is said to be the originator of the idea for a roadway around Lake Merritt, and deeded land to the city for that purpose. 1

Newton was born in 1826 in Nottinghamshire, England, and came to California about 1854 5 or 1864. 1 He married Jane Armstrong (Newton) (1837 – July 6, 1911) who was born in Ireland, and they had six children: Charles Arthur Newton (1863 – 1870), Mabel Newton (Bell), Alice Newton (Rabe), Jessie Newton (Kinsell) (1870 – 1941), Henry ("Harry") Newton, and Frances ("Frankie") Newton (1876 – February 29, 1896).

According to his obituary, shortly after his arrival in California, he purchased 70 acres of land in Peralta Heights, and that was the basis of his fortune. 1 The 1880 census lists his profession as "retired merchant." Newton served as a town trustee of Brooklyn in 1870. 2,4 In 1877, Charles and Jane sold the land that would become Peralta Heights for $83,000. 6

from The Knave, 1965 7

Death and Burial

Newton died June 5, 1894, of heart disease, and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery, plot 4, with Jane, Charles, Frances, Jessie and her husband Benjamin, and Jane's mother, Rebecca Armstrong.

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