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Club Triangle was a night club at 6031 Adeline at Stanford Avenue, on the west side of where Driver Plaza now sits. It was also referenced with 851 - 61st Street. It was open from 1933 until 1967, when it was destroyed in a fire that burned much of the block. 8 NB: the name was spelled Klub Triangle in a few references after it was sold in 1965.

Just 9 weeks after Prohibition ended in 1933, it opened as the Triangle Beer Garden, run by "Charley and Bill" who had previously run Alcatraz Eats. 9

With much fanfare, it re-opened as Charley Rush's in May 1934. A photo shows an elegant cabaret with white tablecloths, and it featured dancing to Charley Rush's 4-Piece Orchestra. Offerings included wines from Theodore Gier Wine Company.

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Charley's involvement seems to have been short-lived. The 1938 directory lists him as a meat cutter at J.M. Rush Meats, a business owned by his brother, Jack M. Rush.

In 1935, Franklin Lewis and Clarence Andrews filed for a cabaret permit for the location. 1 Clarence "Babe" Andrews was involved with it until he sold his interest in 1965. 2

Boxing promoter Max Blum was also an owner from 1935 to 1965. According to his obituary, the club was a favorite meeting place for East Bay boxing enthusiasts. 3 His name appears along with Clarence Andrews in the 1938 directory. That directory also lists Richard Lewis as a musician at the club, and lists the club under "Restaurants and Lunch Rooms."

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In 1965, it appears the club was sold to Verlin E. Mattox. 7 Unfortunately, the club and the surrounding businesses were destroyed in a fire in November 1967. The cause was under investigation, but an OFD battalion chief noted that the blaze was fed by two 50-gallon drums of oil or solvent in one of the auto shops. 8

Bits and Pieces

1911 Sanborn excerpt 1950 Sanborn excerpt

The 1911 Sanborn shows a liquor store at 6029-6031 Adeline, and a connected saloon at 6033.

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