Coffee with a Beat was a neat little cafe right next to Lakeside Park/Lake Merritt at the corner of Grand Ave. & Perkins in the Adams Point neighborhood. It had tons of decorations documenting African American musical history.

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Make sure to check out the evolution tree near the register, and their special collection of history books. This is a great spot if you're already by the lake and it seems to have a lot of folks stop by from the neighborhood, people who are exercising and taking walks by the Lake, and folks from the Lakeside Park retirement home that's right next door. Plus if you come here you'll be half a block away from Ensarro!

They have wi-fi but you have to make a minimum purchase of $1.50.

M-F 6:30AM-6PM


458 Perkins St, Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 835-5282