Creating a Healthy Community mural
photo from Our Oakland
The Creating a Healthy Community, Keeping Tobacco Sacred mural is on the retaining wall of a parking lot on Grand Avenue.

The supervising artists are Xochitl and Roberto Guerrero. 

The words on the mural read: "Dedicated to our friends, families, teahers and our Oakland community. 21 Generations Peer health Educatiors, 2004. Alfredo, Jolene, Este, Jenny, Nate, Alex, Louie, Caitlin, Deja, Brandy, Elaine and Silverio. Community Painters: Antonio, Edward, Cecily, China, Megan, John, Sherry, Anthony, Manny. Special Thanks to: Xochitl & Roberto Guerrero for sharing their time, stories and craft with us. A mural made possible by grants to the America Indian Child Resource Center from the Alameda Tobacco Control Coalition, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, and the Public Health Department Tobacco Master Settlement Funds."

photo CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by dooq