Edward R. Carpentier 1821-1883 Born in Providence NY,  Died NY city

     Edward was the next oldest brother to Horace Carpentier. Edward followed his oldest brother James in becoming an attorney as well as changing his name to Carpentier from Carpenter (as did Horace).  He practiced law with his brother James in NY city.  He was a NY state Assemblymen in the late 1840's.  He followed his brother Horace to California and was involved in many if not most of Horaces many dealings.  Edward and Horace kept a law office together in San Francisco. From time to time Edward was also an acting District Attorney for San Francisco.

  It would seem that Carpentier performed a great deal of legal work for the City of Oakland and then they refused to pay him, resulting in a series of lawsuit(s) that went on for 14 years until the city finally had to pay him the monies due after losing the court battle in the 12th District Court.

"On August 17th, 1868, the City Council adopted a final resolution authorizing the City Clerk to issue to Edward R. Carpentier bonds to the amount of $16,000, in satisfaction for the judgment held by him against the City of Oakland.

Thus terminated a series of law suits which had been maintained for fourteen years, the city paying the full amount demanded by Mr. Carpentier and allowed by the Twelfth District Court. February 11th, 1854, the Board of Trustees of the then Town of Oakland employed E. R. Carpentier to defend certain injunction suits brought by John C. Hays and others against John Hogan, Town Marshal, to restrain the collection of town taxes, at a price not to exceed $1,000.

The service was rendered, and a warrant for the payment of the stipulated price was issued.  Other legal services were performed, and other claims accrued; and claims being made which were deemed unjust and unfounded, the payment was resisted, and litigation has continued from 1854 until 1868, when in the Twelfth District Court judgment was rendered for $15,225 88, debt and damages, and costs, and disbursements, and percentage allowed by law; the amount of the judgment to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum.

When by order of the Council the bonds were issued, the debt amounted to $16,000, which sum was received in full payment of the judgment." 1


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