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El Capitan Apartments was an apartment building at 510 Mandana St. (then Cottage St.) opening in 1923 as The Fairmount. The building was built and owned by Edwin C. Graff. 1 The 1925 directory lists them as both El Capitan and Fairmount.

Each apartment had use of a trunk room and a garage, and the building included a 26'x46' ballroom with attached kitchen for use by tenants. There was also a tennis court and a handball court, and the grounds covered the entire end of the block between Warfield and York. 1

Perhaps they were too luxurious and hard to rent, because within two years the building was up for sale. 2 At some point the building was demolished, and a c.1975 apartment was constructed covering the entire lot.

1929 Sanborn excerpt

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