Emily Elliott was an Oakland school teacher and suffragette who in 1879 married  Enoch Pardee. Emily was 26 at the time and Enoch, whose first wife had died nine years earlier, was 52. In 1881 she gave birth to Eleanor, her only child and Enoch's second child and only daughter. After Enoch's death in 1896 and Eleanor's death of typhoid four months later, a dispute between Emily and George Pardee over Enoch's estate arose,  In the end Emily settled for one third of Enoch's estate and left Oakland. She settled in Palo Alto.  She remarried twice and died in 1940, "a wealthy society and club woman". On the site of her Palo Alto estate is Pardee Park, in honor of Eleanor. Emily Elliott Pardee Karns Dixon is buried along with her daughter in Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma.

[ source: "How Palo Alto's Pardee Park Came to Be: A Strange and Little-Known Saga", Pardee Home Museum Newsletter, November 1999, pages 2-3 http://www.pardeehome.org/Cupola%20Nov%2099.pdf]