Endgame was a game store and a community hub for Bay Area gamers. It was located in historic downtown Oakland, but closed on February 1st, 2019.


In 2022, The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment relocated to the same location. The location was chosen in part because several members of the museum board were hobbyists with personal connections to the closed gaming store. 


Former Location

921 Washington Street (at 10th) 

Oakland, CA ‎94607


Old Oakland

Permanently closed

(510) 465-3637




[email protected]


Board games, traditional games, role-playing games, miniatures games, and card games.

Specialty Items

The two large mezzanine areas are dedicated to gaming space for gamers.  The store hosts weekly leagues, tournaments, and gaming nights. Check out their calendar for events.


Anthony, Chris H., Chris R., and Finn



Physical Accessibility

Street parking

Near AC Transit and 12th Street BART

Product Line

Games Workshop, Rio Grande, Mayfair, Z-Man, GMT, MMP, Dungeons and Dragons, Paizo, Chessex, Magic: the Gathering, Flames of War, Reaper, and Infinity.

SFGate article, April, 2014