CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by UltraLeft
In 2009, Favianna Rodriguez curated a mural on the side of the Oakland Museum as part of their "Oakland Museum Rebirth" project. The piece was designed digitally and installed on large 4 x 8 ft. panels.

Here is an interview with Favianna about the piece. 20 artists were involved: "The artists are from LA, the Central Valley, and the greater Bay Area." Here is a blog about it.

The pink figure is by Favianna, cool young Chicano dude by Shizu Saldamando, Food vendor by WERC. Lips by Minette Mangahas, Yellow & White painting by Amanda Williams, Black Panthers by Emory Douglas, Portrait of graffiti writer, Refa, by Brett Cook. The turquoise lines in the background are by Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca. Other artists: Estria Miyashiro, Bayeté Ross Smith , Jesus Barraza ,Melanie Cervantes, Man One, Juan Fuentes, Keba Konte, Ernesto Yerena, John Carr, Geraldine Lozano, Brett Cook, Traci Bartlow and Elaine Su-Hui Chew.

Pictures here.