San Pablo location
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sign, September, 2011
photo CC SA-BY Our Oakland

Flint's Bar-B-Q was a local barbecue restaurant chain, with at least three branches in Oakland. The last closed in 2010.

Flint's was always a no-frills affair. The Shattuck location was take-out only [ not sure about the others ], and not a very impressive store front. But people would line up to get it.

The restaurant was started by Willie Flintroy at Havenscourt and E. 14th Streets. Everett & Jones Barbeque founder Dorothy Everett worked at the first Flint's, first tending a smoke pit, and later as the first manager of the store. 1

6637 Bancroft Ave. - Havenscourt
6609 Shattuck Ave. - Bushrod
3116(?) San Pablo Ave. - Hoover-Foster and Clawson

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