The Forrest family was a long-time Oakland family, most notably living in the namesake Curtis Forrest House at what is now 27th Street and Broadway.

Curtis Tuttle Forrest (November 23, 1827* – February 23, 1890) was born in Danville, Vermont, to Jacob Forrest and Lydia Tuttle (Forrest). By 1852 he had moved to San Francisco. He was described as a capitalist, and at the time of his death was making more than $15,000 a year in rental income, mostly from property he owned in San Francisco. While the estate was being settled, the family was given an $800 a month allowance against the estate. [ * Vermont birth records indicate November 23, 1827; his grave marker lists November 24, 1829. ]

On November 1, 1877, he married Flora Jane Stocker (Forrest) (Stevens) (June 12, 1850 – December 3, 1937), who had also been born in Vermont, to Newell Stocker and Cynthia Dole (Stocker). They had four children: Curtis, Jr., Flora A., Elizabeth ("Bessie"), and Newell. In 1897, Flora remarried, to James W. Stevens (1843 – 1939). a lawyer. Stevens had several descendants by a previous marriage who were in theater and film.

Curtis Tuttle Forrest, Jr. (December 4, 1879 – July 4, 1926) married Mary Evangeline Taylor (Forrest) (1874 – 1913) and they had 3 children: Grace T., Mary Elizabeth, and Flora Jane. Flora Jane and Mary Elizabeth were born March 10, but Mary died when just a few days old. Mary Evangeline died in 1913, and Forrest remarried, to Ethel Drew Prescott (Forrest) (1872 – 1957), who had a son, Frank Prescott, by a previous marriage. Forrest was a rancher in Le Grand, near Merced.

•• Grace T. Forrest (MacMartin) (Clarabut) (January 30, 1906 – February 24, 2001) married John Nobert MacMartin in 1933, then Edwin D. Clarabut in 1951.

•• Flora Jane Forrest (March 10, 1907 – December 12, 1995)

•• Mary Elizabeth Forrest (March 10, 1907 – March 19, 1907) was born with her sister Flora, but died 9 days later.

Flora A. Forrest (Anderson) (January 11, 1881 – 1968) married Charles Edmund Anderson (1880 – 1935), and they had a son: Edmund. By 1930, they had divorced; by 1935, Flora was living back at 2703 Webster with her mother and step-father.

•• Dr. Edmund Forrest Anderson (1905 – 1983) was a gynecologist. He married Mary Malloy (Anderson) and they had 2 children: Forrest E. Anderson and Jane Miller Anderson. Following Mary's death, Edmund remarried, to Jeanette Dixon Lawyer (Anderson) (1908 – 1999), who shares a grave marker with him at Mountain View.

Elizabeth ("Bessie") Smith Forrest (Rice) (January 27, 1883 – November 21, 1969) married Arthur Hyde Rice (1878 – 1955) and they had 2 children: Harriet and Arthur, Jr. They lived in Hawai'i where Arthur was born; Bessie and Arthur are buried in a cemetery in Honolulu.

•• Harriet Elizabeth Rice (Moody) (1909 – 1994) married George Harrison Moody (1907 – 1973), and they had a daughter. Moody was co-founder of Grossman-Moody, a well-known store in Honolulu.

•• Arthur Hyde Rice, Jr. (1911 – 2002)

Harriet, 1930

Newell Forrest (December 24, 1884 – January 2, 1947) married Madeline Dowsett (Forrest) (1884 – 1958), and they had 2 children: Harriet, and Newell, Jr. Forrest was a farmer near Fresno, probably on the land his father had purchased.

•• Harriet Madeline Forrest (Jones) (1916 – 1979) married Denby Green Jones (1914 – 1998) and they had 2 sons: Denby Green Jones, Jr. (1939 – 2000) and Forrest Jones.

•• Newell Forrest, Jr. (1919 – 1942) died unexpectedly while serving at Fort MacArthur near Los Angeles.


Numerous family members are buried in the family lot, in plot 31 of Mountain View Cemetery. Bessie Rice and her branch of the family are buried in Honolulu.

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